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Water is said to be life. It’s very important that we have safe water for drinking, cooking and cleaning simply for keeping ourselves healthy on a regular basis. One of SmartPaani’s oldest clients, Tirthaman Shakya has been proudly using SmartPaani’s Biosand filter since 2012, 8 years. 

“Biosand Filter is an adaptation of a learning strategy for me, this has given me the opportunity to sustain water for my family. Even though there is a massive amount of iron existing in my water, the Biosand filter fixed the yellow-rusting stain in my bathroom, Kitchen sink, and other areas. Not only that but it also killed the germs and purified the water making it fit for use,” claimed Tirthaman Shakya.

A 500-liter Biosand filter purifies the water into a 5000-liter underground tank and it is more than enough for his family. They use the water for household purposes including washing clothes, dishes, showering, flushing and watering plants. The Biosand filter has eliminated their tanker water expenses considerably. 

Once three months he takes the responsibility of cleaning the Biosand filter tank. He noted that he rarely finds any mistakes like leakage, overflowing, not filtering well because his water is being properly treated by the Biosand filter and he is happy about it.   

It’s been very long since he installed this and it is running very well. For it’s potential to be fully realized, it must be culturally acceptable and available which is perfect for Nepal. 

He first had no idea about this solution but how odd is it that words travel quicker than the time. He was persuaded by one of the team-member of SmartPaani whom he knew and ever since then he is more than grateful that he had that conversation. It’s very simple to use and requires no electricity. Mr.Shakya doesn’t miss a chance to educate his neighbors about the Biosand filter, its reliability and the result it brings for a place where water is scarce and very contaminated. Installing the Biosand Filtration has saved him a life time’s expenses for tanker water.

  • Tirthaman Shakya

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