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Tripti Filter

Tripti water filter is an effective tabletop filter embedded with Silver Nano technology (colloidal silver), activated carbon and has 4 distinctive levels of filtration.

Tripti Filter

  1. Tripti Water Filters are easy to use water filtration system with Dutch technology adopted and tested by over 30 nations
  2. Tripti Water Filters have four distinct levels of filtration
    1. Pre filter- Removes turbidity and solid particles.
    2. -High grade ceramic- With pores not more than 0.5 micron (0.0005 mm), it filters parasites, fungi, cysts and other microorganism.
    3. Activated carbon- Reduces level of harmful (organic) chemicals such as pesticides and chlorine. In this way, it improves the taste of water
    4. Nano silver- Impregnated with nano-silver particles that inactivates bacteria and other microorganisms and prevents growth of algae and recontamination

Technical specification :

The filtration unit consists of :

  1. Micro Fiber Pre-filter: It is the first level of filtration which helps to clean the water, especially removing turbidity.
  2. Ceramic: Ceramic has very small pores because of that particles greater than half a micron (0.0005 millimeter) cannot pass which means all bacteria cysts, parasites, spores of fungi and other microorganisms are filtered out by the ceramic water filter.
  3. Activated Carbon: Activated carbon within the water filter candle, reduces the content of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and chlorine and improves the taste.
  4. Silver: Silver kills micro-organisms that are trapped at the surface of the ceramic filter. Additionally a small amount of colloidal silver remains in the water minimizing post-contamination risks. This amount of silver has no negative health impacts.

What this filter removes

  •  Bacteria: 99.995%
  •  Turbidity: 99%
  •  Protozoa: 99%
  •  Parasites
  •  Bad Taste and residual Chlorine, this will prevent diseases like: Diarrhoea, Cholera and Typhoid


  • No boiling required
  • Filters tap, jar and rainwater
  • Life span- 7,000 liters (2 years)
  • Faster flow rate
  • End of life indicator
  • WHO recommended


  • Removes E-Coli by more than 99.995%
  • Removes turbidity by more than 99%
  • Removes protozoa by more than 99%
  • Removes bad taste and residual chlorine
  • Prevents from water borne diseases (Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid)

Tripti Filter


Tripti water filter is a simple and portable filter made from the Silver Nano Technology (Colloidal Silver) with distinctive 4 levels of filtration. This is a simple water filtration process which can easily be made point of use with no boiling required saving cost and time.

One candle filters between 3-5litres per hour, which highly depends on quality of water.

The prefilter helps to clean water especially removing turbidity.The Ceramic has small pores not more than 0.5 micron (0.0005 mm) that helps to filter particles such as cysts, parasites, fungi and other microorganism. The silver is impregnated with nano-silver particles that inactivate bacteria and other microorganisms. It is like bacteria killer. Activated carbon reduces level of harmful (organic) chemicals material in the water such as pesticides and chlorine. In this way, it improves the taste of water.

No, boiling water is not required as Tripti candles are made of silvernano technology which helps to remove the harmful bacteria and parasites present in water. So you can enjoy clean cold water without having to wait.

One Tripti candle can filter around 7000litres of water.

The filter candle needs to be cleaned at least once every two weeks. In order to clean the filter candle use a scrub pad provided. Do not use detergent, soap, or any other chemicals. Simply scrub the filter with a scrub pad.

The filter is provided with a plastic end of life indicator when the end of life indicator fits around the thinnest part of the filter, the filter is no longer able to make the water safe and need to be replaced.

The water may smell during your first use of filter. Although not dangerous to drink, you should not drink the first 15 litres of filtered water due to the odd taste.

It turns brown because the dirt in your water is filtered out. This is an indication that your filter works. If your filter turns green, your filter is probably located in a place to close to a window. We recommend placing your filter in a place that does not get direct or indirect sunlight.

The filter can easily be replaced at SmartPaani office, Pulchowk, Lalitpur.

Tripti filters rainwater and tap water effectively however for well water it filters depending upon the level of contaminants present in the water.

Yes, you can use our candle only for your conventional filter. Our candle can easily fit and placed in your normal steel filters.
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