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Sustainable Water Management at Dorje’s Resort & Spa: A SmartPaani Case Study


Nestled in the hills, in a captivating setting far from the city’s hustle and bustle, Dorje’s Resort & Spa celebrates traditional architecture while offering stunning views of the picturesque Fewa Lake of Pokhara.

They have taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability by partnering with SmartPaani to reduce the resort’s consumption of single-use plastic bottles.


 The newly opened Dorje’s Resort & Spa is committed to providing an exceptional guest experience while minimizing its environmental footprint. One major concern for the resort was guests’ excessive use of single-use plastic bottles, leading to environmental degradation. To address this issue, the resort sought out SmartPaani for an innovative and sustainable water management solution.

Implementation of SmartPaani Drinking Water Filtration System:

SmartPaani installed a Drinking Water Filtration System at the Resort, tailored to its specific needs and requirements. The system was installed to purify and filter water, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards for consumption. The resort’s existing water sources were integrated into the SmartPaani system, providing a seamless and sustainable solution and contributing to the elimination of single-use plastic bottles within its premises. Refillable bottles with filtered water are strategically placed in guest rooms, making it convenient for visitors to access clean and safe drinking water without relying on plastic bottles. The resort’s restaurant outlets also serve filtered water in these refillable bottles, promoting a sustainable dining experience.

The implementation of the SmartPaani Drinking Water Filtration System at the Resort has yielded positive results and demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by contributing to the;

  1. Reduction in Plastic Waste contributing to cleaner and more environmentally friendly surroundings
  2. Positive Guest Feedback, with many expressing satisfaction and appreciate the initiative and commitment of the Resort
  3. Reduction in the purchase of single-use plastic bottles, the Resort has achieved cost savings in its operational expenses.


 The SmartPaani Drinking Water Filtration System has proven to be a successful and sustainable solution for the Resort in reducing single-use plastic bottles. This case study highlights the positive environmental impact, guest satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness achieved through the implementation of innovative water management practices. Dorje’s Resort & Spa’s commitment to sustainability serves as a model for other hospitality establishments looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

We have been serving filtered water to our guests in the rooms and restaurant. We are delighted with the quality of the drinking water from SmartPaani’s filter, it tastes even better!”- Dorje Lama, Founder

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