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UF-Ultra Filter

UF-Ultra Filter

UF filters are an ideal choice for buildings that have a substantial need for water.

    1. The UF is specialized to remove bacteria and viruses along with small amount of turbidity.
    2. The proposed filtration consists of three levels of filtration;
    1. Mesh filter: Removes turbidity and solid particles
    2. Ultrafiltration membrane: Removes bacteria and viruses
    3. Carbon filter: Removes odor and taste
    1. It can cater to institutions requiring high filtration rate. It also cleans automatically in designated time. The filtered water can be used for drinking, cooking, and making beverages.


Product details:

  1. Low maintenance, self-cleaning design
  2. Mechanical filtration is separate- cartridge needs infrequent replacement
  3. Leaves in minerals that are good for customer health
  4. Rust resistant stainless steel housing
  5. Extra chemicals not required
  6. Low wastage- 10-15% in backwash as compared to 65-75% wastage in RO systems



It can be basically used at any place, geography, be it household or industrial. Due to its quality of easy transport it is extremely suited for the difficult terrain regions of the country.

It is fairly easy to transport this system. A 50 m3 tank system weighs about 100kg.

The collected water in the tanks can be used for several months. The tanks are designed in such a way that when installed properly can even help in degradation of bacteria in the stored water.

It costs less than a concrete or a Ferro-cement tank. The maintenance cost is also much lower than any other kind of tanks.

The lifetime of the tank is 10-15 years or more. Thus it is a very durable system and can last much longer if installed and maintained properly.

Yes, all of the materials that come into contact with water inside RainCap and TankCap systems are food grade.
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