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BioSand Filter

High-quality filtered well-water for your building or home

Are you looking to increase the water quality in your building or home by filtering well-water? Our BioSand Filter is the perfect solution. Based on Canadian design, the filter removes bacteria, iron and turbidity, making the water clean and safe to drink.

Why filter your well-water?

Aside from causing water-related diseases, un-filtered well water can cause multiple problems. The water is hard, stains clothing, damages pipes and fixtures, reduces solar water heater effectiveness and lifespan, and ruins the white color of sinks, showers, and toilets.
With the installation of one of these simple filters, these problems can be solved immediately.

SmartPaani offers large biosand filters in the following sizes:

  • BSF 300 – 120 liters per hour
  • BSF 500 – 150 liters per hour
  • BSF 750 – 300 liters per hour
  • BSF 1000 – 400 liters per hour
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