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With the successful completion of 4th year of operation, One Planet Solution along with its SmartPaani team celebrated its anniversary on 8th September at Lalit Mandap Hardik Club, Pulchowk. As we work in water management sector, we connect to water in every activity of ours! The previous year we went for rafting, so this year with joint consultation we decided on going on a retreat where swimming was the major focus of the event followed by scrumptious lunch and futsal program later in the evening. Definitely swimming is not everyone’s cup of tea, there were novice, advance beginners, intermediate and experts, which reminded me of a famous line by renowned novelist Mr.Robin Sharma, where he said “Every professional was once an amateur”. But with great zeal for learning and enthusiasm shown by team members swimming activity was unquestionably a success. The importance of decision making, communication, group consensus, coaching and most importantly trust factors which are practiced in daily office routine, found its significance at the pool too!!

Although we were not tired by playing in the water for hours, our stomach needed to be refilled and we were very much impressed by the food that was served along with the ambiance. Later as the sun hit the shore, futsal was also organized for the not so tired bodies. Teams were divided and scoring was made, however as we all consider ourselves as a team members it was difficult for players to remember on which team they belonged. This resulted in frequent wrong passes with hilarious laughter, fun and entertaining environment.

Over all the retreat helped building interpersonal relationships amongst the team members and providing employees with an amazing sense of relaxation which helped them bounce back the next day at work with re-energized, refreshed and renewed minds!!

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