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When we assume something is going to be there, we don’t pay much of an attention to how we are using it. Now however petrol-dependent Nepalis are learning it the harder way. The current fuel crisis in the country has left each one of us helpless. We never thought it might be so bad that we start cycling to work again. When the availability was there, how much did we care about optimizing the utilization? Suddenly the availability is not there and we have become extremely careful. We are planning ahead, limiting our activities, looking at alternatives and even forming Facebook “Carpool” groups.

Imagine how helpless this has left us. Now imagine if we faced a day when the fuel for our lives is similarly so scarce. Imagine of a day when water will be this difficult to get. If we continue to live with the current style and usage of water consuming water at the same rate without seeking options to replenish the resource, this day is not far away. The day we will be standing in queues longer than those currently seen in front of petrol pumps. When it comes to petrol, we have somehow managed to find a few alternatives for our cars and bikes, but what alternative is there to water?

It is time for us to think long-term. It is time to think of our lives in coming decades and those of our coming generations. We need to start taking steps that insures the availability of water in future. We need to optimize the use of available water, build solutions for better usage, recharge ground water, recycle wastewater, and tap ignored sources like rainwater taking every possible step to conserve water.

Be the change and bring about the change…

-Anisha Karn

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