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Nepal WASH Alliance (now WASH Alliance Nepal,WAN) is a consortium of I/NGOs and Private Sector working in Nepal to aid implementation of collaborative actions on WASH issues. The consortium was formed in the year 2010 after the initiation of Dutch WASH Alliance (now WASH Alliance International) with an objective to implement five year WASH programme in Nepal 2011-2015.  Altogether thirteen organizations were the implementing partners at first phase. Lumanti – support group for shelter held the secretariat of Nepal WASH Alliance in its first phase and now for second phase the secretariat will be held by Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-Resource Centre Network Nepal (WASH-RCNN).

Following this, SmartPaani as a private firm working in WASH sector has been a part of WAN since November 2014 where SmartPaani under this forum is working on providing sustainable water management solutions outside Kathmandu valley through franchise model adoption. The two day’s inaugural event saw participation from all the associated partners and them utilizing the platform to shared their experiences and achievements in the five year period along with the plans for 2016.

WAN has always focused on achieving sustainable results for which to realize the forum has developed the FIETS sustainability approach. So the overall achievement was measured using these indicators. The results are numbered as under:

  1. F: Financial Sustainability
  • 10 cooperatives Engaged,
  • 6% local public WASH budget increased by the end of 2015
  • 3 Sani-marts established
  1. I: Institutional Sustainability
  • 60+ collaborations made with private and local entrepreneurs
  • 2 Masons and 3 WASH cooperatives established
  1. E: Environmental Sustainability
  • 800+ families practicing urine application in their field
  • 45% of household practicing productive use of waste
  • 20 Households practicing roof top farming
  1. T: Technical Sustainability
  • 20 rope pump installed
  • 566 household and institutional rainwater harvesting done
  1. Social Sustainability
  • 35 women led WASH local financial institution
  • 10% households built toilet via loan
  • 2 Research on multi ethnic assessment of MHM and GESI conducted

In support of being environment friendly, the program was inaugurated in a unique way where Minister of State for Drinking Water and Sanitation- Dinesh Chandra Yadav announced the commencement of phase II of WAN by watering a plant.  Similarly Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha from National Planning Commission also shared his views on importance of Water and Sanitation in improving the health of the people.

-Subhechha Manandhar

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