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The fuel crisis menu

It was a friend’s birthday and we friends gathered to celebrate her special day around Patan area. We went to one of the restaurant and discovered the ‘Fuel-Crisis’ menu with limited options and hiked rates. We decided to move to other nearby restaurant hoping for better options. To our surprise, the whole restaurant quite crowded and was serving its full menu.

Where did the difference lie? Location same, Shortage of fuel same, Type of restaurant same.

The difference was the source of energy used for cooking. The first restaurant was using a gas-cylinder, thinking of shifting to firewood soon, and the other restaurant was cooking on SmartChulo which runs on pellets, a clean renewable source of energy made from all types of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste, converted into solid fuel.

Another incident happened a few weeks ago, while conducting a research in a government school. Their we requested for some drinking water, but the school was running low on water. Tankers, their major source of water has not been able to reach them. The petrol needed to run the water tanks is more precious than gold at this moment in our country. The school authority informed us that due to the current fuel shortage water tanks have hiked their prices, making them unaffordable. So they brought us jar water to drink to quench our thirst.

When moving to other school, as soon as we entered the Principal’s room, a staff brought us a glass of water to drink. When inquired, we found that they are very rarely buying tanker-water, and not buying jar-water since long, as they have biosand filter and rainwater harvesting system which fulfills their water demand completely in monsoon season. The overflow rainwater is recharged into their well, which fulfills their demand after biosand filtration during the dry season.

Where did the difference lie? Location same, Budget for water supply same, No. of students same.

But the difference was the mentality and thinking of the administration of the schools. First school was and still thinking short-term, by spending small amounts regularly on tanker, and jar-water, whereas Second school thought in long-term, investing in rainwater harvesting system, which covered their cost in around a year time, and now enjoying its benefits.
Stop spending, Start Investing!!!

Problem: Energy, Solution: Renewable Energy

Problem: Water, Solution: Rainwater

So what would you opt for? Spending or Investing?

Let’s not wait for the worst-situation, but act now to make the situation better.

Let’s not just complain, but look for solutions.

-Bipul Raj Manandhar

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