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SmartPaani Talk Series- Episode #1

Last week, SmartPaani witnessed its first episode of SmartPaani Talk series which has been initiated to inform the team about water in all aspects. The thought behind this idea in Suman Shakya, MD’s words, ‘We need to know everything about water before we preach the same amongst our customers and probable clients.’ SP team believes that the talk series will broaden their scope of knowledge and will help them in generating more ideas while working.

The first episode witnessed Dr. Suresh Das Shrestha who completed his Masters and Doctor of Science in 1996 from Japan in Hydrogeology, and Post Doctorate from University of Texas at Dallas in 2004. He is a member of Climate Change Council since 2009 and is now engaged in studies related to Climate Change impacts.

Dr. Suresh’s presentation revolved around the ground of shallow ground water and the recharge techniques. He also elaborately presented the different prospects of ground water and the availability of the recharge as per the geographical locations.

Did you know?

  • Jawlakahel and Lagankhel are the best locations- geographically for ground water recharge.
  • The water level in the wells 50 years ago was accessible. Today, the same well has water only below 15ft while some have dried out already.
  • The town planning has ruined Northern Kathmandu’ natural water filtration system which was done through the sandy blocks.


The talk series was enjoyed thoroughly as the SmartPaani team took in all the information that they can. Anisha Karn, who was present during the talk series states, ‘The session was an eye opener for many like us who have been ignorant about the water condition in valley. We have learnt to live in the present and have no vision for future. We are not thinking about how we will meet our water needs in coming decades. The session educated us with statistics on  where do we stand in terms of ground level water today, what was the condition few years back and how the situation is becoming bad day by day. It was an educative lesson on how can we help replenish the ground water in Kathmandu and what are the perfect areas to target for best results.’


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