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Post the 25th of April, thousands of hands have come together to rebuild the nation. With all the sorrow and devastation that the earthquake brought with it, it gives us a chance to do things the right way. It gives us chance to rebuild the right way.

SmartPaani has joined hands with Kids of Kathmandu and Asian Friendship Network (AFN) in an initiation to build over 50 schools in the earthquake affected regions. The initiation is not just about rebuilding the school, it is about rebuilding the future of those hundreds of kids going to these schools. The project will change the lives of about 10,000 kids through this initiative. The rebuilt schools within this project will change the perception of public schools in rural Nepal. The schools will provide the children enhanced learning experience, well lite and well ventilated classrooms, hygienic sanitation facilities, safe drinking water. In addition, these schools will provide solar energy and safe drinking water and other emergency provisions to the community, benefiting thousands of people more.

SmartPaani along with One Planet Solution will be facilitating the project with water solution, solar energy and sanitation consulting. SmartPaani will provide water filtration systems at the school to provide safe drinking water to the kids and the community. The schools where source of water is not accessible and there is a scarcity, SmartPaani will install its rainwater harvesting system to meet the water demands. The surplus water from these systems will be given to the community. SmartPaani will also be responsible for designing sanitation solutions where required. One Planet Solution will look into the solar requirement and will design a community based system.

Having installed our systems in over 50 schools and having reached 15,000 students, schools are of high interest to us.

We believe that to build a nation’s future right, it is mandate to build the future of the kids’ right.

-Anisha Karn

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