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YMBA, located in Lagankhel is a school that has a religious background which focuses on the fundamental learning of Buddha’s teaching. With 179 students and 30 staff members, YMBA was always in a water crisis.

Mr. Chandramani, Principal at YMBA shares, ‘It was impossible for us to fulfil our basic necessities at the school solely on the government water supplies. Being a religious school, we often gave the KUKL water supply away to the ones who were in need around our surrounding that left us in despair.’

This left the school with no option but to buy water tankers, as the school is funded by donations this was an extra financial burden. Having heard about rainwater harvesting the school approached SmartPaani for the system.

A/Bareness, a Norwegian fashion company working with local producers in Nepal to produce ethically sourced clothing and jewelry, funded the system. A/Bareness works with SmartPaani #coolkidsneedcleanwater campaign to fund the rainwater harvesting and water filtration systems at schools.

The installation started in April 2015. With monsoon right around the corner, the installations were done overnight and as soon as the clouds hovered around the school, they hoped it would rain.

Once it started raining, there were smiles spread across the YMBA members. Their costs of buying two tankers a week were nullified and at times, there was so much rainwater collected that they had to think of a solution for the water that was overflowing. Next, they started with recharging the well that was idle in their compound as the water ran dry several years ago as an alternative reservoir.

The collected rainwater is being used in the kitchen, toilets and other basic needs. The water is being filtered in the kitchen through an advance technology which makes it drinkable and safe.

It has been 5 months since the installation and they have not bought a single tank of water till date. This saves YMBA a lot of money to use for other necessities around the school.

Tanker cost: 1600 for 8000 liters II Units per month: 8 II Cost per month: 12,800
Monsoon: 5 months II Total savings: 64,000

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