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Passive income from a rental property is a great source of income, but there are certain responsibilities that one must fulfill as a landlord. Access to clean water for your tenants is one of them. Therefore, Veena Basnet installed the SmartPaani’s groundwater filtration system before renting her property in Pulchowk.

Earlier, Ms. Basnet’s potential tenants would feel hesitant with the thought of using well water. It had a bad smell and would leave stubborn yellow stains on their bathroom floors and tiles. She, upon the recommendation from her family friend, installed SmartPaani’s system in 2014.

The system not only removed the iron and turbidity from her well water but also, with four-layers of filtration, reduced the pathogens normally present in the groundwater.

The occupants, genuinely concerned about the water quality, are at easy knowing the filtration system works naturally using no chemicals.

Ms. Basnet became SmartPaani’s repeat client in 2015.

When the government water supply became insufficient for her private residence in Jawalakhel, she immediately called SmartPaani office and fixed the date for a free site assessment. The system installation was completed within a week’s time and she also added a euro guard filter in her kitchen to further treat the filtered water for the purpose of drinking.

She says, “The well water at home is not bad, but SmartPaani’s filter has made it even better.”

Recently, she added a cooper tripti filter from SmartPaani. However her tenants have been using it for 04 years now. They learned about the system through a different source and since then then have been using Tripti filter to drink and cook with their Biosand filtered well water. Tripti is a portable filter made from the Silver Nanotechnology (colloidal silver) and has activated carbon, known to improve the taste of water. Ms. Basnet recently did a water test and all the parameters met the national standard for drinking water.

She mentions, “The follow up from SmartPaani is regular and timely. I received three free maintenance from SmartPaani where the technicians also guide us through the simple and easy steps to clean the filter.”

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