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How many times have we passed across a building with yellow stains on it or how many times have we got to repaint the house because of the yellow stains on the building?

Mr. Narmani Pradhan from Mehpi, took notice of how in his neighborhood, the iron content in water was so high that it left all the houses in his vicinity with yellow stains. The sight of those yellow patches disgusted Mr. Narmani and he knew that he had take a step towards filtering the water in his house to remove the huge iron content in it.

The yellow patches in the building are a miniature effect of huge iron in water. The yellow water that comes from faucets when the iron content is high not only looks disgusting but can also taste bitter and create skin irritation.

Iron leaves a stain on almost everything, on the clothes after you wash them, on the dishes, on the buildings and the pipes. The water pipelines start to have huge iron residue as a result of which they can clog.

These were reasons enough for Mr. Pradhan to choose the biosand filter from SmartPaani. The biosand filter in his house has managed to filter the ground water, reducing the level of iron to normal and safe to use.

Additionally, he could not bear the fact of rainwater draining away during monsoon. “So much water goes to drain or floods the pavements and I wanted to trap and use that rainwater. Therefore when I built this house, I laid the gutters to conveniently route the rainwater for filtration purpose. Shortly after, I called SmartPaani and installed their rainwater harvesting system as well.” says Mr. Pradhan. With the intension of not wasting single drop of rainwater, the excess rainwater is being diverted to the well.

With the systems installed Mr. Pradhan has a fully sustainable water solution at his residence. His daily needs during monsoon is being met by rainwater. And by recharging the excess rainwater, he adds to the shallow groundwater table. During the dry season he uses the groundwater to meet his needs.

Rainwater collected and harvested annually: 142,699 liters

Groundwater filtered per day: 1000 liters

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