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SmartPaani Biosand filter is simple to use and easy to clean. It is efficient and costfriendly compared to its counterparts. I recommend this to everyone,” says Colonel Bodh Bikram Thapa.

System – Biosand Filtration

About two and a half years ago, Mr. Thapa, moved to his new house in Buddha Chowk, Nakkhu. The first thing that captured his attention, his well was filled with water to its brim. However, the well water had high iron content and needed filtration to be fit for use.

Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) water supply distributed water once in every two weeks in his locality, which lasted less than a week. There was no alternative other than to buy the water tanker, which is a high recurring cost.

Mr. Thapa wanted a more reliable solution for his water needs. In this attempt, he explored all available solutions in the market. He found out that the most common ones had a robust metallic body but ironically would themselves rust with the iron content of the water. Others would require two pumps and a daily back flush. They were effective, but they were also less convenient and more expensive.

Exploring a more reliable option, he continued his search and eventually found SmartPaani through the internet. He signed up for a free assessment, was convinced and installed the SmartPaani Biosand system within 10 days. He found Biosand filter to be the best option among the rest. A year later, when SmartPaani team met him for client satisfaction and product review, he explains, “I recommend this to everybody.”

We further inquired on how often he cleans his Biosand filter, he answered ,”Once in every 2-3 days”.
“Do you find it difficult to clean?” asked our team.
“No. That’s why I have not felt the need for an AMC (annual maintenance contract)”. He chuckles and adds, “the content of iron in our well water is very high but it gets filtered effectively. That’s the beauty of Biosand filter.”

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