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Life Itself Is A Learning Lesson

Speak kindly to your inner self.

You were never meant to shatter

Write this truth inside your brain, 

“I am worth it and I matter.”

You are you and no one else 

Leave those critics and move on. 

You are the woman that you can be

The woman that you want to be

No one should tell you what to do

Because you are the boss of you

I have to begin by saying that we have all been there, those criticisms, comparison, and negligence. Being born in a country where there is a limitation to being a woman is a gigantic challenge that you have to learn to lift, no one will teach you.  

Women of SmartPaani are thriving with their knowledge and experiences. Being around them has made me realize that “Women empowerment” is not just a quoted word but has already been an action. They are professionally aware and have inserted some sort of courage in me for being a woman.

The main purpose is to address the “qualifications” to be a woman and to show that we are unrealistic. This Women’s day, I share these words to respect for who I am, a woman.


  • Anjali Karki


Get Free