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Even before the fuel crisis, Kathmandu already faced an alarming and growing water crisis. The fuel crisis only made it worse.

With no fuel to run the water tankers- which are the second largest water providers- residents of the valley face an additional problem. Additionally those depending on the water jars for drinking water are suffering as the vehicles used to deliver the jars are queuing up for fuel.

Amidst all this, let us grab your attention and take you to someone’s house. A house that has a complete water system installed – Rainwater harvesting and recharging system and the biosand filtration system. Speaking to Mr. Suman, ‘This year, I was able to recover all the costs associated with installing SmartPaani. Last year, the rain was heavier but I managed to save up to 1.3 Lakh litres of water either in my tank or recharged back into my well. I not only managed to solve my water issues but also contribute my bit in solving others. I have collected enough water in the monsoon to meet my requirements and have recharged the excess back to the ground. For those months that not experience rain, I use my well water after passing it through a biosand filter. All these solutions have helped me more than meet my water requirements and in last 4 years I have not spent any money on buying tankers. I feel proud to have made the smart decision – helped me handle the water requirement, proved to be more economical and has given me the pride to have become a responsible citizen.’

The rain has stopped but the ones who have opted for Rain Water Harvesting and Recharge with Biosand Filtration, are happy with their water reserves.

What would your smart move be?


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