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  1. Did you know that a house built within an aana which is 2 or 2&1/2 storied tall, can install a Rainwater Harvesting unit or a Biosand Filtration unit at the cost of 30,000-60,000? The free water that you get from rain and underground can be made portable which will be used for basic necessities and it can also be made drinkable using other filtration units.
  2. Ground Water filtered by Biosand can be made portable (if it does not contain ammonia) and can be made drinkable after with the help of another filtration unit called ‘Tripti’. Say goodbye to yellow stained water and say welcome free water!
  3. Did you know that Greywater Recycling can make 40% of water reusable? The water recycled from your shower, laundry and kitchen can be used for gardening, car washing and flushing. This system can also be made aesthetically beautiful!
  4. A lot of people have queries about installing a rainwater harvesting system in their existing house and the answer to that is, yes- your house can adopt this system. Almost 98% of the households around Kathmandu can add this eco-friendly system to their existing household. But it is best advised that the installation is done when the house is being built.
  1. Only 12% of Nepal’s wastewater goes to a proper sewage systems. Untreated sewage makes up the vast majority of the flow of the Bagmati river during the dry season. In Nepal, only 5% of wastewater is treated. The result of this is contaminated surface and underground water and bad health.

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