About SmartPaani

SmartPaani Team


SmartPaani Pvt. Ltd. is an organization working in the water sector with a vision to provide sustainable water solution to all.  It was formed by experienced technicians, researchers and businessmen to provide eco-friendly and economical solutions to water and waste issues in Nepal. With a mission to provide accessibility of safe water to all classes of the society,  SmartPaani designs customized solutions for household, schools, businesses and other institutions. These include rainwater harvesting, water filtration, water recycling, wastewater treatment and more.

Customer satisfaction motivates our qualified team to continuously develop and deliver products and services with excellent after sales support. The team of technicians has already installed over 500 systems in the Kathmandu valley. With an aim to extend its solution to people outside the valley, SmartPaani has closely worked with Dharan Municipality who have made it mandatory for every new building to have rainwater harvesting system. SmartPaani aims to extend its reach already identified 11 parts of the country to expand within the next year.


Mission & Vision

SmartPaani Pvt. Ltd envisions a world where neither living standards nor the environment are compromised. Both are in their optimal state where humans actually enhance their surrounding environment. A lot of people assume that if developing countries are forced to choose to protect their environment, they will have to sacrifice development. SmartPaani does not believe that. It exists as a company to promote, develop, and install water-related technologies that enhance the population of Nepal’s livelihoods while improving their watersheds.


“Solving Today and Tomorrow’s Problems Today” is the concept that One Planet Solution was developed on. At current rates, if everyone on Earth used resources like the Western world (US, EU, etc) environmental experts believe that we would require more than 3 planets worth of resources. Does this mean that ‘developing’ countries’ development should be restricted? No. What is means is there is a lot of economic opportunity in becoming more efficient. The world doesn’t need to use 400 liters of freshwater per capita per day for household uses, or even 100. That’s just one example.

Since September 2011, One Planet and its parallel initiatives strive to work toward these solutions through a business approach. SmartPaani was its first initiative as a brand and became an independent company in 2013. SmartUrja (energy) is the other initiative under OPS.