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Systems – Rainwater Harvesting and Biosand Filtration With a background in the media and a lecturer at Ace Institute of Management, Binod Bhattarai is a well-known name in the media. Since he already knew the benefits of Rainwater harvesting, he had installed the system 3 years ago, and from then onwards he never had to […]


Systems – Rainwater Harvesting, Biosand Filtration, Groundwater Recharge Like most of the valley citizens, Pralad Panta’s water problems are not a new one. There is no municipality supply of water rather a common tap from a nearby water source that comes for only 3 hours. Within this span all the households in the community have […]


SmartPaani Biosand filter is simple to use and easy to clean. It is efficient and costfriendly compared to its counterparts. I recommend this to everyone,” says Colonel Bodh Bikram Thapa. System – Biosand Filtration About two and a half years ago, Mr. Thapa, moved to his new house in Buddha Chowk, Nakkhu. The first thing […]


System- Rainwater Harevesting Located at Khusibu, Felt and Yarn Pvt. Ltd specializes in handmade felt and recycled yarn products. It provides employment to more than 70 Nepalese women. All of their products are free from chemical and toxin. But wet felting requires lots of water. Wet felting is a process of combining layers of wool […]


Mr. Sarad Rana, a Non-Residential Nepali came back to Nepal to take care of his house. He had rented his house to expats and wanted to ensure the provision of quality services to his tenants. Mr. Rana knew that quality life begins with good health and good health starts with consumption of pure water. As […]


Sustainable living is a lifestyle which aims to reduce the use of earth’s natural resources. It helps us reduce carbon footprint by changing the way we consume energy, from the medium of transportation to our diet. The concept of sustainable living is also growing in Nepal. Ms. Sharda Rijal, Executive Director of Center for media […]

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