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Water usage in the age of COVID-19

Water Use Tips During Covid-19 Written by SmartPaani Project Coordinator, Madan Dhodari

Because being sustainable also saves money

Rekha Satyal, one of SmartPaani’s oldest clients (since 2012) has been a great role model for those living around her. Her community doesn’t receive tap water and faces a water crisis. What is the importance of water? “Water is life” is a common expression that we use, with recent trends in water and climate change […]

Ongoing Safe Water

Water is said to be life. It’s very important that we have safe water for drinking, cooking and cleaning simply for keeping ourselves healthy on a regular basis. One of SmartPaani’s oldest clients, Tirthaman Shakya has been proudly using SmartPaani’s Biosand filter since 2012, 8 years.  “Biosand Filter is an adaptation of a learning strategy […]

Life Itself Is A Learning Lesson

Speak kindly to your inner self. You were never meant to shatter Write this truth inside your brain,  “I am worth it and I matter.” You are you and no one else  Leave those critics and move on.  You are the woman that you can be The woman that you want to be No one […]

Pim Bahal Pokhari

This large pond is a hidden gem, surrounded with buildings and local residents. It is located in the heart of Patan. Pim Bahal Pokhari was built in the 14th Century. It still is the famous historical pond in Patan. Before 2018, the situation of the pond was very poor. The pond was bare. The water […]

SmartPaani – Plastic Free Outdoor Events

Water scarcity affects everyone in one way or another and without innovative interventions the problem will only get worse in the future. Plastic pollution is another major problem that has implications for water quality, the marine environment, and the food supply worldwide.   Nepal, where the Himalayas are a major attraction, has seen increased tourism […]

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