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Sustainable Water Management at Dorje’s Resort & Spa: A SmartPaani Case Study

Introduction: Nestled in the hills, in a captivating setting far from the city’s hustle and bustle, Dorje’s Resort & Spa celebrates traditional architecture while offering stunning views of the picturesque Fewa Lake of Pokhara. They have taken a significant step towards environmental sustainability by partnering with SmartPaani to reduce the resort’s consumption of single-use plastic […]

Don’t waste what you don’t have!!!

When we assume something is going to be there, we don’t pay much of an attention to how we are using it. Now however petrol-dependent Nepalis are learning it the harder way. The current fuel crisis in the country has left each one of us helpless. We never thought it might be so bad that we […]

Problem:water II Solution:rainwater

A famous Tibetan proverb truly says that ‘A child without education is like a bird without wings’. Children are the future of our country, and hence educating them is of utmost importance for us. Healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and for healthy environment, clean water and sanitation is essential, playing a crucial role […]

SmartPaani celebrating the anniversary of its parent company One Planet Solution

With the successful completion of 4th year of operation, One Planet Solution along with its SmartPaani team celebrated its anniversary on 8th September at Lalit Mandap Hardik Club, Pulchowk. As we work in water management sector, we connect to water in every activity of ours! The previous year we went for rafting, so this year with […]

The Potential of Rainwater Harvesting in Urban Schools

This is the 3rd blog in SmartPaani’s lockdown series written by our team. This is written by Rojita Maharjan, SmartPaani’s Tripti and School Sustainability Manager about the potential for rainwater harvesting in urban schools. Water scarcity is a significant problem facing urban areas that will only become worse. In Kathmandu valley water quality and quantity […]

The Potability of Harvested Rainwater

SmartPaani’s Team has been working on a blog series to answer questions around sustainable water management, covid-19 and other topics during the lockdown. This is the second blog written by Environmental Engineer Amshu Chitrakar. Freshwater is a scarce resource all over the world, only 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh. Even less of this […]

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