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The Demand-Supply Gap

Nepal is one of the richest country when we talk about water resources. Our country has over 6000 rivers with abundant water, often flooding the northern parts of our neighbor. However the reality when it comes to supply of water is very different. Tens of thousands of people in the rural area walk for kilometers […]

SmartPaani @ Dharan

‘We need water during the dry season and it doesn’t rain then. We have enough water supply during the monsoon. What to do with excess rainwater?’ Participants at ‘SmartPaani at Dharan’ client interaction echoed what I have been questioned in Kathmandu as well. It was amazing to note similar perception being reflected in Dharan. I […]

Strategies for Reducing Water Consumption at Home

Rainwater harvesting and water recycling are both ways of saving water and money at home. SmartPaani promotes the overall concept of water efficiency and there are some other “do it yourself” tips to optimize your water use and get the most out of each drop. The below tips from Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management ( […]


SmartPaani is 4 years old now!! And within this period, we have been able to crunch a good number of installations. As facts and figures tell the story, it is 109homes, 25schools, 80 institutions plus counting who have been benefitted with our systems. Having a good source of water for fulfilling their water demand is […]

Rebuilding Right – SmartPaani & One Planet Solution joins hand with Kids of Kathmandu

Post the 25th of April, thousands of hands have come together to rebuild the nation. With all the sorrow and devastation that the earthquake brought with it, it gives us a chance to do things the right way. It gives us chance to rebuild the right way. SmartPaani has joined hands with Kids of Kathmandu […]

The fuel crisis menu

It was a friend’s birthday and we friends gathered to celebrate her special day around Patan area. We went to one of the restaurant and discovered the ‘Fuel-Crisis’ menu with limited options and hiked rates. We decided to move to other nearby restaurant hoping for better options. To our surprise, the whole restaurant quite crowded and was serving […]

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