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Kathmandu Valley Post Melamchi

One question that we encounter a lot is “What after Melamchi comes?” For the first couple of years as a company, it was a question fairly easily ignored since Melamchi seemed like a literal pipe dream. Then as the years progressed, Melamchi progressed very quickly including the equally necessary distribution pipe improvements, meaning that the […]

The water situation in Kathmandu Valley

Monsoon is here, water is everywhere, but we are thirsty!!! Every day we open newspapers, we come across one or other news regarding water-problems. We feel sorry for such areas with water problems, curse Mother Nature and our Government; and then turn to other page. For a country like ours, standing among the top ones […]

SmartPaani at the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

It has been decades since the term “Social Entrepreneurship” was coined; yet, it has still not made its way past public debate in Nepal. Although there are many social enterprises in Nepal, the idea of capitalizing on a social good, instead of providing it for free, is met with hesitation. To remove such dogma and […]

All you need to know about Rainwater Harvesting

Q: Do you have any water-problem at your home? A: Yes Q: Have you heard of Rainwater Harvesting (RWHS)? A: Yes Q: Do you think it’s a good way to conserve rainwater for future use, and is good to install? A: Yes Q: So you are interested in installing at your house? A: Hmmmmm…Haven’t thought […]


Nepal WASH Alliance (now WASH Alliance Nepal,WAN) is a consortium of I/NGOs and Private Sector working in Nepal to aid implementation of collaborative actions on WASH issues. The consortium was formed in the year 2010 after the initiation of Dutch WASH Alliance (now WASH Alliance International) with an objective to implement five year WASH programme […]

Nepal National Water and Weather week 2016

This year’s “Nepal National Water and Weather Week” was celebrated from March 17 to 23 with grand success. Previously, it was celebrated as “Nepal National Water Week” only but from this year understanding the importance of water and weather together and how they go hand in hand, it has been modified to Nepal National Water […]

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