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Name : Tasneem's Kitchen

Location : Jhamsikhel

’ I have recommended SmartPaani to so many people till date; I can’t even keep a tab on that. And it is worth investing on! SmartPaani made my life so much more easier'

‘I am waiting for the clouds to hover over Patan area so that my Rainwater harvesting system lets me collect as much rain as possible’ Tasneem Sahani, owner of Tasneem’s King Kitchen.

Tasneem states that she is very happy with the Rainwater harvesting system that is installed at her restaurant. She states that the water tankers are in a blue right now with the ongoing fuel crisis and it is impossible for her to get water from them. Installed over a year ago, Tasneem’s King Kitchen opted for Rainwater harvesting when they were revamping the restaurant when it started. Rainwater harvesting is something that needs time commitment and that was on Tasneem’s agenda as well, running the restaurant for years and years to come. And it made perfect sense to fit up the gutters when they started with the new place. With another filtration system set up, the collected water at Tasneem’s is used in the kitchen and for drinking purposes as well. Tasneem’s premises is an old style typical Kathmandu house which did not allow them to expand the reservoir capacity more than 10,000 litre  making them dependant on constant rain. On dry seasons, Sahani opts for water tanks but she is delighted during the monsoon as the rainwater comes for free and her installation investment has already been recovered. Thanking the Kathmandu weather and the unpredictable rain, she tells us that her reservoir is full after a 3-4 hour long rain. As for the overflowing water, the ground water recharge system allows the overflowing water to be collected in the well which rests in her compound. She made the smart choice at the right time by tapping the free falling rainwater and putting it to use.

Tasneem suggests,’ I have recommended SmartPaani to so many people till date; I can’t even keep a tab on that. And it is worth investing on!’

Tasneem is also one of those using a SmartChulo. It has been difficult for restaurants to run their kitchen due to the current unavailability of fuel including gas. While looking for options to run her kitchen, Sahani came across the SmartPaani’s post about SmartChulo. She has been cooking her delicious curries on the SmartChulo and surviving the fuel blues.