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Name : Sashi Rana McLaren

Location : Thecho, Lalitpur

"We wanted sustainable solutions for water in our house. SmartPaani Rainwater Harvesting system was exactly what we wanted. Now we collect and use rainwater for 7 months, and we don't need to rely on other sources."

“Our Rainwater harvesting System is as old as our house, 2 years. We built this house with a gutter system with the thought of being sustainable and harvesting rainwater. My entire house functions on Rainwater. We use it for washing, cooking, cleaning, and even drinking.” 

What great thought to conserve rain and store it for later use. Rainwater harvesting is an age-old practice in Nepal, but it was mainly collected in ponds and used for irrigation. In recent years, rainwater collection for domestic use has been promoted with better research, technologies, and skills. Sustainable water management requires understanding the value of rain, and to make optimum use of rainwater at places where there is a dire need for water. 

Sashi Rana McLaren came to know about SmartPaani when she was searching for some support to help her harvest rainwater. Even if most of the rain is concentrated in four months during the monsoon season and additional showers throughout the year, rain has provided enough water to be used for her household purposes. 

Her rainwater collection tank is 40,000-liter which collects enough rainwater that lasts her and her entire family for 7 months. The System is affordable, easy to use, and functions astoundingly. She never has to worry about not having enough water, unlike her neighbors

She notices people around her using water from their wells. And these wells tend to dry often. These wells can be replenished by putting in the excess rainwater, also known as recharging.  

She also has SmartPaani’s Greywater System. She recycles water from her laundry, and basins and uses it for flushing, washing, and gardening. She recommends this system for bigger households and hotels. She emphasizes that these systems are not only a sustainable way of living but can also help you save money. She adds SmartPaani’s regular maintenance visits help the system function without any trouble and recommends these systems to every household.

 We can create a better world around us that doesn’t have to suffer water scarcity. Sashi Rana McLaren is an example of how we can do it. It’s not too late to start harvesting rainwater.  All it takes is for us to be more sustainable and more observant of the current situation. In the midst of summer and water scarcity, there will always be an alternative solution. 

Rain is refreshment that braces us up when we are helpless and water is scarce.