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Name : Hotel Heranya

Location : HH Location

" We have already recovered half the cost in this monsoon season. The system has helped us save about NPR 24,000 per lakh liter of water being used."

Hotel Heranya is nestled behind the Narayanhiti Palace and is home for several tourists travelling to Nepal for vacation. With good quality of water on their priority list, the hotel made a capital investment and installed a rain water harvesting system about a year ago. With a separate filtration unit set up at their premises set up by SmartPaani, that changes harsh ground water fit to be used for various household purposes, Hotel Heranya’s guests have plentiful supply of water even during the driest of seasons. The filtration system does its work throughout the dry season while the rain lets them utilize up to 2 lakh litres every year, for free. Mr.Sunil Shakya, the man behind the running the  show at the hotel states that he is saving NPR 24,000 on every lakh liters of water being used by the hotel.

Owner of Hotel Heranya, Mahendra Sakya suggests, ‘Before opting for SmartPaani’s services, we used a very primitive filtration unit that was not as great and the water was just used for cleaning purposes. After having interviewed 5-6 service providers for a filtration unit which functioned around Kathmandu, we settled for SmartPaani and the return on investment is great!’

The hotel that is listed 5th among thousands in Trip Advisor is proactively engaging in eco—friendly business practices and aims to minimize it’s carbon footprint through such adoptions. The highest occupancy they have had in the past is around 67 percent occupancy while the lowest hovered around 15 percent. The Hotel has already recovered 50% costs of their initial investment on the system in less than a year. Kathmandu rain, that is said to be acid-free, has benefitted the hotel kitchen as well. The Bent Fork, a restaurant that runs within the premises and also doubles up as the hotel kitchen uses the filtered water to wash utensils and dishes. The kitchen chef suggested that she uses the treated rainwater and ground water to wash her utensils and often cook food.

If you want to turn your brand into an ‘Eco-friendly’ brand, SmartPaani can help!

ROI: Within a year

NPR 24,000 saved per 1 lakh liter of water