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Rekha Satyal, one of SmartPaani’s oldest clients (since 2012) has been a great role model for those living around her. Her community doesn’t receive tap water and faces a water crisis. What is the importance of water? “Water is life” is a common expression that we use, with recent trends in water and climate change this is becoming more relevant each passing day. 

“There is no saying that water is only for certain things. Water is a basic need, it is needed for everything,” acknowledged Rekha Satyal.  It indeed is. We need water for cleaning and sanitation, agriculture, and most importantly hydration. 

For her household, SmartPaani’s Biosand filtration has improved her groundwater’s color and taste and Rapidsand filtration for rainwater harvesting has provided her family with plenty of water, especially during monsoon season. These sustain her family and they don’t have to face water issues like the past, which makes her very satisfied. 

Many around her area have boring water but not her. Initially, this made her family face difficult challenges. Tanker water that costs 1800 rupees would only last for a week while jar water for drinking was not enough. They were spending way more than they should have until they installed SmartPaani. 

Rekha Satyal realized that Biosand filtration is one of the most promising methods used for water purification and that it should be introduced everywhere. She has tried to convince her neighbors to install the same solutions she has. She trusts the purified water so much that she uses the water for cooking, washing, cleaning, and drinking. But she understands that in a place where there is no proper education and adequate practice on sustainability, this kind of thought is very far-fetched. However, it doesn’t mean that new ideas and new ways shouldn’t be practiced.

She is one of the clients taking annual maintenance services from SmartPaani and is very happy with the team for their punctuality, hard work and making her system function well. 

Water is life but what to do when there is significant water scarcity? Rainwater harvesting and Biosand Filtration filled the gap for Rekha Satyal, making her life easier. Compared to before, she is now saving money, her health is better and more importantly, she is being sustainable. 

  • Rekha Satyal
  • Rekha Satyal

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