Pavilions Himalayas opened on the 4th of November. This is a pioneering Eco Resort that blends luxury while maintaining eco-friendliness that positions it as one of the top eco-friendly resorts in Asia. It adopts a holistic approach that includes:
-Rainwater harvesting for the majority of the villa water needs
-Greywater recycling for flushing and irrigation
-Wastewater treatment where the clean effluent is used in ponds and irrigation
-Energy efficiency from start to finish including insulation, ventilation, appliances, LED lighting and more. No AC and locally produced bio-briquettes for fireplaces. Biogas for cooking (from cows, goats and some of the wastewater)
-Solar Power for the majority of the resorts demands, nearly completely eliminating its need for the generator. If absolutely needed the generator is extremely fuel efficient and properly sized to not waste power.
-Almost all food produced locally and primarily on site – rice, vegetables, fruit, milk and more.
-Local materials for construction primarily. Low chemical paints (VOC free).
SmartPaani was proud to implement the water efficiency measures for this project while Smart Urja designed the biogas and worked on the energy efficiency. It was great to be a part of this project wonderfully led by Wonaw & Associates, and other project partners including Illuminium, Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bses Engineering Consultancy and the team of Pavilions Himalaya.

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