SmartPaani is a proud partner of the Dopper Change Maker Challenge and would like to take this opportunity to introduce with the concept

  1. DOPPER CHANGEMAKER CHALLENGE | Want to make an impact with your graduation project or thesis? The Dopper Changemaker Challenge will kick it off big time! How does a grant worth up to Rs. 2 lakh,- sound? All you have to do, is send in your idea regarding clean water and/or plastic waste before 12 April. Et voilà. A revolutionary solution in the making. #Dopper #ChangemakerChallenge
  2. DOPPER CHANGEMAKER CHALLENGE | Will you become that graduate that solves our world’s clean water or plastic waste issues, even before landing a job? Your graduation project or thesis can win you valuable network introductions, an established business network, PR support, and a research grant of up to Rs. 2 lakh,-.  Pretty great start to your career, right? Yes, it is. Sign up for the Dopper Changemaker Challenge here: #Dopper #ChangemakerChallenge










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