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Rainwater harvesting is an excellent source for obtaining good quality water and tackling water scarcity. Although rainwater harvesting seems simple, in practice it is not. Well-built tanks, proper filtration and a working gutter system are needed in order to develop good quality drinking water. Properly built storage tanks are critical in developing new systems.

To solve this problem, SmartPaani has started using new rainwater harvesting storage system – RainCap. In this system rain collected from a large roof is first cleaned in filters and then routed into the RainCap foil tank placed in the ground.

The foil tank can store up to 60 m3 of water each, keeping it in good condition for many months. The collected water can be used for all purposes; SmartPaani offers multiple filtration options for drinking water production (Biosand & Tripti).

Additionally, the TankCAP is a similar product used to repair cracked tanks. Ferrocement, masonry and concrete tanks can notoriously difficult to repair if they are cracked due to various factors especially small land movements. Tank cap are foil tank inserts that will overcome these issues.

Both RAINCap and TankCAP weigh very little and are ideal for transportation to remote areas.

Two RainCap systems available

  1. 15 m3: Can serve up to 30 people (assuming consumption of 2 liters per person per day during 8 months)
  2. 50m3:  Can serve up to 200 people (assuming consumption of 2 liters per person per day during 4 months)

Important Facts

  1. Foil Tank:
  • These are made of strong durable plastic
  • Easy to transport, install, clean and maintain
  • Lifetime: 10-15 years
  1. Capable of tackling solids, odors, turbidity and bad taste
  2. UV WaterBox is capable of purifying 5,000 – 10,000 liters of contaminate fresh water on a daily basis