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Sustainability incorporates both risks and opportunities. Sustainable thinking is required to progressively manage business and development in a world of increasing environmental risks

SmartPaani encourages the sustainability practices by evaluating the environmental and social impact of the businesses to support development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future.



Scope of the project involves:

  • Carrying out environmental investigations
  • Conducting and evaluating environmental impact assessments study for industry, hotels and development projects
  • Conducting study-test for environmental site assessment
  • Identifying and analyzing hazardous material in the environment
  • Preparing technical reports for the environmental projects

SmartPaani offers a diversified consulting service which can be categorized in following two categories:

  • IEE (Initial Environmental Examination)
  • EIA (Environment Impact Assessment)

Initial Environment Examination (IEE)

This service are mainly applicable to small scale projects and it concentrates on the effects of the developmental proposal prior to the implementation. The process of identifies, predicts, evaluates and mitigates the biophysical, social and other relevant effects of the project.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA involves comprehensive and detailed study of the project apart from incorporating the initial steps involved in IEE. This service has been designed keeping in mind the large scale projects.

Objectives of IEE & EIA

  • Identify, describe and assess potential environmental (Natural and man-made) impacts of a proposed development project.
  • Assist in planning and improve decision-making process in order to arrive at actions that are more environmentally compatible.
  • Develop projects that are environmentally sound, technically suitable, locally acceptable and economically feasible.
  • Consider effects on biophysical resources, social and cultural aspects, health and safety, indigenous peoples’ rights and traditions while undertaking development activities.

IEE/EIA study is carried out depending upon the screening criteria.