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Biosand Filter

SmartPaani can help you filter water for all uses using biosand filters based on Canadian design principles to remove bacteria, iron, and turbidity from well water. These are the most cost effective solutions for well-water filtration at the household level; operating costs are minimal, maintenance minimal and simple, and the filters are long-lasting. Un-filtered well water is hard, stains clothing, damages pipes and fixtures, reduces solar water heater effectiveness and lifespan, and ruins the white color of sinks, showers, and toilets. With the installation of one of these simple filters, these problems can be solved immediately. Additionally for municipal water and other soft water sources, biosand filtration can remove the bacteria and make these sources safe for drinking.



SmartPaani offers large biosand filters in the following sizes:
  • BSF 200 - 80 liter per hour
  • BSF 300 -120 liter per hour
  • BSF 500 - 150 liter per hour
  • BSF 750 - 300 liter per hour
  • BSF 1000 - 400 liter per hour

SmartPaani also offers a small concrete BSF - 12 liter per hour for potable water filtration - this filter can be placed in kitchens as a point of use filter to produce potable water from municipal and rainwater before drinking.